It’s an unwritten rule of being a husband. You didn’t realize it, but when you said “I do” you agreed to be protector, provider and the sole entrepreneur when it comes to the honey-do list. Weekend plans of football and relaxing are cast aside as you spend your Saturday cleaning out the gutters, fixing a cabinet handle or unclogging a sink drain. When you knock out one project, another 10 jump in its place.

home intercom replacement system

Don’t worry, we’re hoping to take one of the items off of that honey-do list with a home intercom replacement system. You may have not used your existing system for years, or your system may be old and not functioning properly. In either case, you push aside this necessity because of the concern of how much it will cost or how much of a project it will be to get a home intercom replacement system. Let us put those fears to rest with a home intercom replacement system from BEC Integrated Solutions. We’ve been the industry leader for over 20 years in providing the best products and home intercom replacement systems to our customers.

There are several benefits in considering a home intercom replacement system. First, an upgrading system will improve communication and the value of your home. Imagine calling the kids for dinner with the press of a button instead of shouting down the stairs or answering the front door while in the kitchen? Each of these can be a reality with a home intercom replacement system. We offer systems that can double as a home entertainment system, streaming music and other inputs throughout your home or office.

DMC1 home intercom system upgrade

A second benefit to a home intercom replacement system is the ease of installation. Due to the wiring configuration, our replacement systems can often be as easy as unhooking the old system and hooking up the new system. There is no need to run new wiring or remove drywall. Instead, just simply use the installation guides and your home intercom replacement system will be up and running in no time.

IntraSonic Retro-M home intercom system

The third benefit is the one you have been looking for the whole time. You’ve been asking, “How much will this cost?” The beauty of a home intercom replacement system is that we have a customized solution to meet any budget. If you would like a basic system, we can do that. If you would like a system with all the modern technological advancements, we can do that too. The only limit is in the amount you wish to spend.

Nutone home intercom

Let us check this off your “to-do” list as we show you the numerous features of a home intercom replacement system offered through BEC Integrated Solutions.

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