BEC Light Status Annunciator Master Station 8 Buttons


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  • BEC Light Status | Annunciator Master Station 8 Lights RGWA

    Ideal for clinics, hospitals, outpatient surgical centers or any operation where patients and staff are in frequent motion.

    The System is an electrically-operated signaling stations consisting of switches mounted on a standard electrical box, trimmed with a wall plate. Buttons illuminate upon actuation, along with corresponding buttons on the Master Control Panel and lamps in corridor pilots. Master control panels have a flush mount design.

    • Custom-designed to meet your exact requirements, many configurations possible
    • Versatile-use as a room status, staff locator, silent paging, or emergency call system
    • Easy to install for immediate use
    • Available with white faceplates
    • Also available with DPDT momentary or maintained switching (call for information)
    • Switch schematics and wiring diagram examples available

    8 Lights - Choice of Red Green White Amber Yellow or Blue

    (2 columns with 4 lights in each column), stainless steel plate with back box 

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