AES PRIME6-ABK-4GA Single Button Cellcom Prime Architectural With Keypad 4G


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AES PRIME6-ABK-4GA 1 button Cellcom PRIME Architectural With Keypad 4G (US & Canada)

  • Calls your home phone and mobiles on roll over when visitor presses call button. Never miss a visitor with mobile calling!
  • Works with any standard contract or PrePay GSM MicroSIM card.
  • Free homeowner app to trigger gates, set up auto opening and closing times, create new access codes, receive notifications on entry etc.
  • Free installer app for remote programming and diagnostics.

  • INFO
  • AES PRIME6-ABK-4GA 1-Button Cellcom PRIME Architectural With Keypad 4G (US & Canada)

    • Hooded, all stainless model in marine grade stainless steel.
      Single Resident Wireless Cellular Intercom.
    • 4G LTE capable.
    • Works on At&T and T-Mobile (At&T recommended, check T-Mobile VOLTE service in your area).
    • Programmable remotely by free APP.
    • Store visitor codes by APP.
    • Prox card access options available.
    • GSM Audio intercom system.
    • GSM intercom for unlimited range access control.
    • Optional mobile application.
    • 100% Marine grade BS316 stainless steel.
    • 2 Year manufacturers warranty.
    • IP56 rated

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