7 Inch Color Video Monitor 124 Wall Mount

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Black 7 Inch Color Screen Indoor Station Monitor - Wall Mount

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  • Our seven inch color video monitor (SKU124) is an indoor, wall mountable, color monitor with front of screen touch buttons and touch screen capabilities. With its scratchproof, vandal proof, modern construction, our seven inch monitor offers features such as two-way communication, full screen viewing, alarm, and remote door unlocking abilities. Our monitor only requires one CAT5 cable for complete functionality. Weighing only two pounds, this monitor is 9.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall by one inch deep, housed in alloy material similar to a laptop exterior. Our systems support as many as 300 color monitors in order to accommodate large facilities. Apartments, condominiums, business offices, parking garages, schools & colleges, and assisted living facilities are only a few venues that benefit from our seven inch color monitors.

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