Accutech LC1200


The Accutech ResidentGuard LC1200 wander management system is a basic product targeted toward medical facilities seeking patient wandering technology. The Accutech  LC1200 is an economical choice within the industry. The system can be installed either as an independent locator system or can be combined with previously installed security devices in a facility. A few examples of potential combinations include the nurse call system, surveillance cameras, security door control systems and other emergency medical alert systems.

Accutech LS1200 ResidentGuard

The Accutech  LC1200 ResidentGuard system includes a variety of benefits such as a simple installation process, an S-TAD unit to control tag activation/deactivation, LED signal indicator lights, a one-year warranty and unlimited free support by phone, alarm/alert volume control, an escort function for staff, and false alarm deterrence. In order to suit the needs of any facility, the LC 1200 can be modified for any purpose. A few other benefits of the LC1200 include the ability to notify staff when a patient enters a dangerous zone or tries to vacate the facility, smooth and fast assignment to new patients, and NFPA, FCC, NEC, CA and ETL compliance. As the need arises, Wander Management Systems will continue to combine these benefits to protect “at-risk” patients within medical facilities.


In hospitals, nursing homes and senior living homes, wandering management systems such as the Accutech ResidentGuard LC1200 protect patients while giving staff the time and space that they need in order to accomplish their numerous tasks. Alzheimer's and dementia patients can easily be tracked using the LC 1200 for safety purposes while allowing them to roam the facility at their leisure. The main focus of this system is to provide safety and comfort to those for which it is used. The Accutech  ResidentGuard LC1200 is a product that will ease the minds of staff, patients and their families alike.


  • User-installable wandering system (saves you money)
  • Tags are activated/deactivated with S-TAD Unit (saves you money)
  • LED provides a visual indication tag is working
  • Full 1-year warranty & free technical phone support for the life of the system
  • The system has adjustable volume control for alarms/alerts
  • Staff escort feature
  • Filtered data to prevent false alarms

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