Accutech LC1400


Accutech LS1200 ResidentGuard

Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions is excited to announce the cost-effective LC 1400 ResidentGuard wander management system. This system is an update to the current LC 1200 and works with existing systems. By offering this updated security solution, Accutech Security remains the cutting-edge in wander management for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and rehab healthcare facilities nationwide.

"We are excited to offer our customers this updated version of our popular wander management solution," said Jason Guerrero, Vice President of Accutech Security. "This new system has been designed with the latest technology to provide even more reliable protection for those who need it most."

The safety and well-being of residents in skilled nursing, assisted living, and rehab facilities are of utmost importance. With the rise of elopement threats in recent years, there has been a need for flexible and reliable solutions to ensure the protection of "at-risk" older residents. ResidentGuard offers seamless integration into a facility’s existing security protocols. This wander management system provides long-term protection and care for those living with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other conditions that require special care 24/7. With ResidentGuard, families and staff can rest assured that their loved ones are always well taken care of.

The ResidentGuard LC 1400 system is designed with features that make it the ideal entry-level wander management solution for facilities seeking quick and efficient resident wandering protection.

Additional features of the LC 1400 system include:

  • Built-in, anti-tailgating feature - reset lock only with tag detection override
  • Nine LF/TX frequencies to choose from for stagger tuning. No more soldered crystals.
  • IR tamper switch
  • Accutech 3101 lock connection points
  • Developed with firmware and settings configured via a software application (eg. TX gain, LF frequency selection, tag detect delay time)

LC 1400 still has the existing features of the LC 1200 including:

  • “Wander alarm” at specific door locations
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Centralized alert panel
  • Dry contact nurse call integration
  • Turn tags on/off
  • Multiple resident “tag” options
  • Elopement prevention with optional door locking upon resident approach
  • Resident “escort” features

All of these features can be configured via a software application and will work with your existing LC 1200 systems.

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